Foxy CleosmackYa  L12

Favorite Skater Position: Pivot, I yell a lot.


Derby Birthday: April 2011


Derby Wives: Bliss and Peaches.


Gear: I suit up in 187 Killer pads, they are awesome. Riedell 265 boots with Atom G-rod or D-rod wheels.


Background: After her time ruling over the Egyptians and fighting for her throne, Foxy decided to take up a new battle. The battle of the flat track!


Derby Idol: That's a tough one. I'd have to say any skater that goes out there and doesn't give up, no matter what.


Why Derby?: I joined roller derby after watching "Whip It'. I've been on 8 wheels ever since I was a kid so I thought, "Hey, I can do that!" My husband said that his cousin, J-Ploww, was on a team. So after some prodding by the two of them I went to a practice. I've been in love ever since!