Thriller Jackson 1983

Favorite Skater Position: Jamming of course! I also like blocking, too!


Derby Birthday: I joined late 2009/early 2010 I do believe. Either way, it's been a really long time, lol.


Derby Wife: Cuttin' Luce :)


Gear:  Helmet-Triple 8

          Elbow Pads-Triple 8

          Wrist Guards-Atom gear

          Knee Pads-187 Derby Pro

          Mouth Guard-SISU 2.4 MAX


Derby Idol: Anyone in the derby community!


Why Derby and What Made You Join: I joined derby because of my best friend Kayla. She said she found something that both of us would love. We went to a practice one night and I fell in love with the sport. I have been skating ever since.


Other: I have had one serious injury due to the sport, but it hasn't stopped me from continuing to do what I love! I fractured my right ankle. I didn't know it was at the time. I walked around on it for about 6 months until I demanded an MRI on it. The X-ray didn't even show the small fracture, but the MRI did. I was lucky I didn't have to have surgery on it. Instead, they gave me a machine that I would have to put my ankle in for 30 minutes a day for so many days. When I went back for my last MRI, I was healed. I could skate again!!!