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Not only did the West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers take home a hard earned WIN against the Clarksvillians for their final home bout of the season, they also raised money and donations for Martha's Vineyard. A big thank you to all that donated in the weeks leading up to and during the bout. It wouldn't have been possible without caring people like you who take action to make our community better! The article below was recently featured on WPSD's Local 6 website.

August 20, 2014 - Article by Krystle Callais of WPSD Local 6

A local roller derby team is helping to fight hunger in Western Kentucky.

For the past few weeks, the West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers has been collecting food and raising money for Martha's Vineyard.

On Saturday, August 16th, the group presented the fruits of their labor to the non-profit.

Martha's got a check for $1,000 and several hundred pounds of canned goods.

By Cutlass Supreme, Aug 5 2014 03:00PM

The West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers' Meet and Greet in front of The Vape House at 224 Broadway was a success. There were many adult and junior league skaters and volunteers who spent the evening meeting the public. They raised money and accepted donations for Martha's Vineyard as well as handed out flyers for their upcoming bout on August 16th. They also did a bit of recruiting for the adult and junior league.

2015 Bout Schedule To Be Announced...

Our bouting season is over for 2014, but we'll be back at it in 2015! Upcoming bout dates will be posted soon.  Also, if you travel to nearby bouts and mixers to watch other teams play, you're likely to catch some of our talented skaters on the track. The occasional opportunity to  join forces with skaters from other teams is a fun, great way to grow as a skater, and also........one can never have "too much" roller derby in their life!  We appreciate the the wonderful support everyone has given WKRR over the past few years and look forward to seeing everyone this season. If your team is interested in scheduling a bout with the West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers, please contact Barba Fett  for information. *All HOME games will take place at Kingsway Skateland in Paducah, KY*


Last Home Bout of the Season a WIN for WKRR as well as Martha's Vineyard


Saturday, August 16th, was WKRR's last home bout of the season and I'm proud to state that they rolled out on a high note. They played a tough game against the Clarksvillain Roller Girls who traveled to Paducah from Clarksville, Tennessee. The Villains have improved tremendously since their league began in late 2011 and really made WKRR work for their win. There were plenty of big hits, fancy footwork, and well executed strategic blocking by both teams. The final score was 196-118.

    A portion of the proceeds from every bout WKRR hosts is donated to a local charity. During half-time, Martha's Vineyard of Paducah was presented with a $1000.00 and hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food. A heartfelt thank you to our fans, volunteers, and caring members of community for helping to make this possible.

    There is so much that goes into planning a bout and many people to thank for their contributions. Thanks to Music Zone for letting the announcers, J-PLOWW and Fett, borrow wireless microphones for the night. Thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for hosing our afterparty and being all around wonderful. Thanks to The Burrito Shack for their support (Who doesn't love burritos?). And, of course, a big thanks to Sandra and Crew at KIngsway Skateland for allowing us to get down and DERBY in their rink.

WKRR Spotlight

WKRR would like to recognize Erich Budeshefsky for volunteering his talents and time to our league. He travels all the way from Clarksville, Tennessee to photograph our bouts and practices. In addition to helping us, he also volunteers for his local roller derby teams in Clarksville.


Thanks for all you do!!

Erich For Sids Sake 5:2015